Episode 103 – The 24 Stone Ninja

December 15, 2017
The Fairy

This week Rob & Tim are joined by long time listener Mark ‘Fevois’ Feathers as our Mark is off but then turns up part way through!

We find out that Mark F has had the snip, Rob gets tweeted by Gavin at Autoglass, Tim’s house is in ‘Lockdown’ and our Mark reveals that Dolph Lundgren is from Sweden and goes through possible name choices from his daughter.

Rob does the dirty on his hairdresser and goes to the dentist, Tim watched T2 Trainspotting and The Pyramid and Mark ‘2 Ovens’ is getting sued by his neighbours.

Also Ikea, NHS Jockstraps, Don’t Knock Twice on Netflix, The Defenders, Manga and Hentai Films, Rob’s given an old watch, Ted 2, Top Gun 2, The Orville (not the duck) and much much more!

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