Podcast #32 – It’s Alive!!!

April 19, 2015
The Fairy

Fellow listeners!

Welcome to Episode 32! This episode sees the 3 Cuckoo’s Podcast go LIVE on Mixlr for the very first time, will everything go OK or will it just be a car crash?

We talk about the Game of Thrones leak, Fortitude Finale and the ultra realistic season 3 of The Following; Tim, Mark and Rob had films relating to Trains this week so find out what they thought about them and Tim vs Rob was debated at length by our listeners last week for being either too hard or too easy, will it be the same again?

Premier League Predictions is now part of our dedicated football podcast ‘The 3 Cuckoo’s Football Show’ so subscribe to that if its sport you’re looking for.

Thanks for listening.

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